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Are you curious about the secrets your genes might hold?

23 Pairs of Chromosomes. One Unique You. Order your DNA Kit from 23 and Me.Find out some of the important health information encoded in your genome through 23andMe. After you send a small sample of spit in the DNA collection tube provided, and open your account to register your kit, the company analyzes your DNA, looking for genetic markers that point to increased or decreased likelihood of developing certain diseases and having certain traits. Extensive, personalized reports then become available through a personal, password protected account via its secure website. 23andme also offers some interesting ancestry information, such as where your maternal and paternal lines hail from, your specific ethnic makeup, and even what percentage of Neanderthal DNA is within your own genome. You can also browse the raw data of your genome, allowing you to view all of your genes and SNPs that 23andMe determines from your sample.

Canadians (note that the product described here is not available to US residents) will be privy to at least 108 health-related reports, including genetic risk factors for various health conditions, predicted drug response, trait reports, and inherited conditions. Over 20,000 Canadians have already taken advantage of its services, which cost $199 plus shipping per kit. If you buy more than one kit at a time, you can save on shipping and receive 10% discount on additional kits.

The GI Society is now a 23andMe marketing affiliate. This means that $30 from your purchase of the testing kit will be donated by 23andMe to the GI Society, but only if you purchase through the link below, which will transfer you to the online store page at 23andMe. Please remember to go via this link each time, and tell your friends about this too.

Learn how your DNA may affect your health. Get your kit today for $249 ($30 of which will go to the GI Society if you use this link to purchase).

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Note: The 23andMe Research Team’s ongoing quality review process allows them to offer one of the most up-to-date, rigorously tested and credible studies in the field of genomics. Your results will become more accurate based on continual updates to 23andMe’s analysis and as their DNA database grows.